Can you imagine hearing your child's voice reminding you of their important events? Your child will learn to organize events by picking activity-related icons and recording their own voice reminders. Scheduling is easy and fun -- tap on the date an event is to be scheduled, select one of the App's 28 colorful icons, and record an audio memo with a special message from the child. The app is completely individualized, from the

child's picture profile, to the fun icons they choose to remind them of their activities (soccer balls, ballet slippers, birthday cakes and more!). This child friendly format enables kids to enter into the world of time management with just the touch of their fingers and sound of their voices.

***** This is a "Must Have" for parents, grandparents, and teachers. Download this engaging educational calendar now to start learning to be organized today!

1. Click on a day to schedule an activity.
2. Click on one of the App's reminder icons.
3. Record an audio memo with the "What, Where, and When" of the event.
4. Receive a reminder the morning of the event.
It's that simple!

4Kid Share is all about turning organization into an interactive learning and sharing experience. The social sharing feature allows kids to share their own recorded voice messages, pictures, and event-specific stickers with relatives and friends via email, text, or Facebook. Better than a simple calendar, kids can use the App to share homework ideas or send holiday cards to family and friends. A parental lock allows parents to oversee social networking while allowing their children to create, collaborate and communicate with their friends and family in a safe environment. With 56 colorful, event-specific icons from which to choose, simply plan your event and share away!

  • Teaches calendar comprehension, a mathematical common core standard mandated by the Department of Education.
  • Provides "real life" learning and "hands on" experience.
  • Provides an understanding of elapse time, a concept explored on state mathematics tests.

There's no complex data entry or tedious busy work with the 4Kid Apps - it's just kids, the month ahead, and a great opportunity to start learning how to plan!

The 4KidCal! and 4Kid Share Apps operator does not collect or distribute any personal information. All pictures and audio clips uploaded to the Apps are stored locally on the parent or child's iPhone, iPod, or iPad; such information is never collected by or sent to the Apps operator.
The 4Kid Share App permits integration with Facebook, and permits a child or parent to access email and text message accounts from within the App for personal use only in order to share pictures and messages. The 4Kid Share App only permits distribution by the end user.
The 4Kid Share App features a parental lock that enables parents to control whether the child may use the social networking functions and pops up before the child may utilize Facebook, email, or text. For further information or questions, please address any inquiries to